I have been thinking alot lately about starting to sell prints of my images and have done a bit of research online. I figured  that selling a few A4 sized prints might be a good place to start.

But before I rush off to bulk order stacks of the same photo printed on A4, I want to know what you think, are you interested?

If you are, please have a look at my last two posts; Madrid and Lake Garda, and comment down below with which images you like best. Then, if there is enough demand I’ll select a few of the most popular images and put them up for sale.

Thanks guys,





2 thoughts on “Prints

  1. I would love to give you my opinion, however it is hard to say which I liked best with no way to identify each photo. Perhaps if you gave them ‘titles’ or ‘names’ or even numbered them. from the top (And I lost count three times) I liked 3 , 5, 6(Love this one), 12, 13 and 14. I gave up counting. You have a good eye. If I were to offer advice that is totally out of left field since I’m not a photographer nor artist. try a photo editing program and play around with some effects. Sometimes a nice picture can become a work of art with a simple filter. (Unless your a purist which is okay.) If you label them I’d be happy to come back and weigh in on what appeals to my untrained eyes. I really liked 6 and would likely pay for a digital copy.


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