Why I needed to buy a film camera…

As I strive to improve my photography I have begun to overlook the essence of a photograph; to capture a moment in time and keep it as a memory.

Whilst I have improved my photography over the past few years I have lost the art of capturing memories created with the people around me. Although I have become better (or at least more experienced) at photography I cannot resist the urge to edit the images and recklessly throw out those which I don’t feel are perfect. This does create a pretty awesome blog (if I do say so myself) but it has left me with very few physical reminders of the people I have seen and places I’ve been.

On a recent trip to a bonfire with my friends one of them gave me a Polaroid picture of us to take home. I instantly decided I needed one of these cameras for myself, because that small, badly exposed image held more than can be created with just a fancy camera: it contained a memory.

The plan was simple, buy a camera capable of forcing me to create physical, unedited images showing memories I made with the people around me.

I looked around online for Polaroid film as I had a Polaroid camera already. However it looked to be costing around £2 a photo, which is – by far – way too expensive. This lead me to look at cheap film cameras until I found Patricia, a Praktica MTL3 35mm film camera which was produced in the late 1970’s.


Although I have only shot 3 test photos and haven’t got any film developed I am excited to use it to create images which I will keep as physical memories, whilst still, of course taking my trusty Nikon D5500 for the fancy shots of scenery.

Interestingly the day my film camera arrived I found a video made by Raymond Nguyen who also purchased a film camera for similar reasons. You can watch his film down below.

When I do get some developed photos I will post a selection of the better ones in a blog post if they come out okay, so hit the follow button to be alerted when I post.

Finally I must say thanks again to Emily for giving me that Polaroid image. Thank you!

11 thoughts on “Why I needed to buy a film camera…

  1. I used to shoot was a medium format Hasselblad and I miss film. The photos were crisp and clean and perfect. But the film was and is expensive! It’s hard either way.

    A photo shop I used to frequent had a collection of older film cameras. The owners would take them out and use them all the time and sometimes display the photos. It was fun to see what they were capable of.

    Good for you!

    When you get them developed will you get the digital version as well for ease of posting to your blog? Will you resist the urge to throw them in Photoshop or Lightroom? 😉


    1. I will probably get them developed and scan in the physical copies into my computer (I think that would be cheaper ). I have promised myself that they will be raw so they won’t be going in Photoshop or anything like that. Also that photoshop sounds great, old cameras have always fascinated me.

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  2. Really enjoyed reading the post! 🙂 I do miss the old film cameras and the excitement + surprise elements that come along with it since images aren’t able to be seen until developed. As great as having the digital era of photography, I find having the tangible images provide a more raw and precious capture for special moments.

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  3. Great post! There’s nothing quite like looking at photos of yourself, friends and family on film. As you said, though they aren’t usually perfect, the memories they capture are so meaningful..

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