Majorca 2015

A few weeks ago I left for a 10 day holiday in Majorca. We stayed in Portal Nous just outside Palma but we hired a car so these images are from various places around the magnificent island. Most of the images however were shot on or from the Ma-10, a road which we began to call the best road in the world – it was truly stunning.

15 thoughts on “Majorca 2015

  1. You took some beautiful shots here Joe, what camera did you use for these? Sorry if I’ve missed it somewhere. Do you ever try film photography? That’s my favourite format of photography, you can check out my blog if you feel like seeing any of it.


    1. Thanks for the kind feedback, the camera I used for these was the Nikon D5300 mostly with the kit lens but sometimes using a 55mm to 300mm. Sadly I haven’t tried film photography but it is something which has always intreged me and I would love to have a go at it should I get the chance.

      I will check out your blog and leave a comment or two 🙂


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  2. Hi,
    I liked all the photos, but the top 2 were my favorite. 2nd one, I loved the ripples, the top one, I like the curved shape of the road and the other details.
    I met you in the Community Pool. I also like photography and have blogged about it several times. I have a guest author who will be writing about photography lined up. Nice to meet you.

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  3. Favorite photos were the one of the road that continues from high up to lower on the mountain and the village festival. I like the short quips that you make about the photos that offer insight into your trip. Keep up the good work.

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