I am quickly falling in love with looking to the sky and stargazing. This is my recent image of the moon.Luna

Does anyone know what the blue could be?

15 thoughts on “Luna

  1. Wow that’s beautiful! I literally just posted some pictures of the moon on my second blog – I was rather proud of mine and then I saw yours and realised, oh, that’s what the moon is supposed to look like!

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      1. Yeah, I don’t know if it’s just the camera or me but whenever I see something beautiful in real life it doesn’t seem to capture what it’s really like – unlike those photos you did of Wales (I think it was Wales, anyway) which managed to give you an idea of what it was like there in the moment


  2. That blue arc might be some sort of reverse reflection of the crescent moon…
    But truly, I enjoy thinking that it is me, as I have always wanted to fly the night sky. Kinda hippy-ish, but I can’t help myself.


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