Photos from Wales

Half term gave me one last chance to get away before all out revision begins. So off to Wales it was.

Here are the images…

The nights sky without light pollution was another treat

13 thoughts on “Photos from Wales

  1. Jaw dropping! That’s my homeland, Snowdonia, you just made me very, very homesick! I’ve stood just where you took some of those photographs…
    Thanks for a great post, on balance you made me very happy! Dioch y’n fawr!

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  2. Wow, Joe, those are incredible. All good photos and some of them [top one, sheep i think it is, tree in water] just in a league of their own… thanks for sharing. Would love to have that kind of talent…

    love brett fish

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  3. Oh my gosh these are absolutely beautiful! They look like the kinds of things I see and take pictures of but they never come out as well as yours have here! I particularly like the close up of the moss and also the stream 🙂

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