Photo Dump #4

The fourth collection of photos in the ‘Photo Dump’ series.

P.S. I’m trying a new format, please tell me what you think in the comments 🙂

12 thoughts on “Photo Dump #4

  1. Your photos are GREAT. I HAVE to give you one piece of advice though, now, IMMEDIATELY, before you post your next post. I urge you to put some sort of watermark, text ANYTHING on your photos before you post them. Unless you are ok with people taking and using your images for anything they want, you have to claim them somehow. I would hate to see such awesome photography being stolen. Especially because you plan on selling and making a profit from these photos, what is to stop someone from saving them to their computer? Do this pleeeeasee.


  2. I”m really too new here to be giving advice you already have a great blog and are an accomplished photographer. Something I would like to see besides the watermark mentioned above, maybe a word or two at the bottom saying where the picture was taken, or a title line under it? Thanks for sharing such great landscapes.

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  3. Some beautiful pictures on your blog, also have may on my phone and ipad would love to share myself. I am definitely a scenic fanatic myself and adore the beauty of nature in all weather conditions whether it is day or night. Looking forward to future pictures so get snap happy.

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